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ServiceNow has selected MaestroRS as it's software for Business Continuity!  Fairchild Managing Director, Aaron Callaway, said “It speaks volumes about our solution’s capabilities that ServiceNow would not only select MaestroRS as a partner in its IRM Ecosystem, but implement it internally across the company.”  Maestro is a key part of a the ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management approach.  Read more about ServiceNow's selection of MaestroRS here.

By now you probably saw that the FBI suggested we all 'reboot' our routers in response to potential malware.  Is a reboot really adequate to eliminate the threat?  Should we all be doing this?  It may be that a 'reset' is needed, rather than a reboot, and that may only be necessary for specific models/brands.  Read more here.

Are you getting flooded with e-mails related to the new privacy rules in Europe? Maybe we shouldn't delete them so fast. Read More. GDPR

The Business Continuity Institute launched its manifesto in conjunction with the start of Business Continuity Awareness Week.  Download the manifesto here.

If you haven't yet, it's advised that you login and update your Twitter password. Passwords were exposed in plain text. Story

A session at the upcoming ServiceNow Knowledge 18 Conference will feature Fairchild Resiliency Services and the MaestroRS system for managing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery on the ServiceNow platform.  Panelists will discuss how software developed by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), like Fairchild, have helped ServiceNow clients overcome obstacles and digitize workflows resulting in the tangible gains in productivity and efficiency.  See more about the session here.

FEMA has released its Strategic Plan for 2018 - 2022.  There is a quarterly meeting planned for discussing program updates.  The first is scheduled for today  (3/28/18).

Meeting Information:

Dial in: 323-701-0223

Participant passcode: 883180

Via Adobe Connect:


Fairchild is thrilled to be part of the short list of candidates for the 2018 ServiceNow CreatorCon Challenge!!  Just to make it to this point having been one of more than 300 qualified original entrants is exciting!

Healthcare and Hospital Systems are selecting MaestroRS for many reasons. Most commonly they cite the following:1. The Recovery and Exercise Management module (REM) that allows online management of recovery efforts following a disruption and the advanced scheduling and administration of exercises.2. The ability to bring cohesion to disconnected BC and DR efforts and the availability of the Discovery tool in ServiceNow to identify and capture network infrastructure components and applications to support recovery planning.3. The comprehensive view into the relationship of critical applications and their support for business processes. “ServiceNow and MaestroRS will give us complete visibility and control of our IT disaster recovery processes.” - Maria Rothstein, DR Analyst & ITSM Office Manager.Check out the MaestroRS case study to learn more.

Case Study

Disaster Recovery Journal Spring wrapped up on both a strong and convincing note for Fairchild Resiliency Services. It is crystal clear that organizations powered by ServiceNow are choosing MaestroRS to take control of BC & DR planning and event management. Come see for yourself and schedule a demo at

See how Pittsburgh has improved their resilience in partnership with 100 Resilient Cities.

Pittsburgh Resilience Plan

Will you move confidently or will you hesitate? Does your current system inspire the confidence to lead in crisis, or will you first need to round up key players for validation? A collaborative effort between business and IT means a faster and less expensive recovery.MaestroRS brings business and IT together on the same platform everyday thus enabling a fully transparent and inclusive recovery when you need it. It’s time for your program to be unified on a single platform that makes your organization more efficient and effective all day, every day.

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