Maestro RS

MaestroRS provides the industry’s simplest user interface.  The interface enables our clients to ramp up with limited training and enables business continuity program management to focus on program initiatives, rather than end-user support.

MaestroRS is a certified ServiceNow application and one of a multitude of apps available on the ServiceNow Store.  Fairchild is a ServiceNow Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and a Silver Technology Partner, a distinction that requires a rigorous review and approval process.   Use the buttons below to learn more about ISVs, the ServiceNow store, and read about how organizations are leveraging custom applications, like MaestroRS, to enhance and extend the power of the ServiceNow platform.

MaestroRS takes your ServiceNow platform to the next level by bridging the gap between business resiliency and IT recovery.

  • Leverage daily IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) to automate plan maintenance with real-time updates from ServiceNow.
  • Harmonize Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery through real-time integration with the ServiceNow CMDB.
  • Easily identify gaps between IT capabilities and business needs across the enterprise.
  • Leverage the simplest user experience in the industry to achieve unparalleled program adoption.
  • Manage incidents and model and exercise what-if scenarios with the Recovery and Exercise Module (REM).
  • Automate the calculation of Recovery Times based on exercises, actual events, and dependency mapping
  • Employ the flexible Business Impact Analysis (BIA) functionality to establish RTOs and Criticalities
  • Deploy site threat/risk assessments enterprise-wide efficiently and effectively
  • Manage risk through recovery gap analysis identification and reporting
  • Create user-specific dashboards for schedule report delivery for KPIs and metrics

Operationalize your business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

MaestroRS can unify your program as no other tool can.  MaestroRS is built on the power of the ServiceNow platform providing unparalleled power and the opportunity to blend Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery, and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM).

Fairchild Resiliency Systems is a certified ServiceNow Silver Technology partner.

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